Here's what we offer for Premium

By upgrading to Premium, you contribute to RBXBolt's development, help lower server expenses, and gain access to enhanced support and features.

Customer Role

Showcase your support for us to others.

Premium Perks

Unlock access to exclusive premium features and commands.

Priority Support

Our dedicated customer service team will provide rapid responses.


Free Tier


  • Basic Commands
  • 30 Custom Commands
  • 30 Auto Responder
  • 10 Reaction Roles
  • Maximum 1 role for Reaction Roles
  • Maximum 20 binds per server, 10 connected binds per role
  • Group Lock for 1 Group Only
  • Blacklist up to 5 groups

Premium Tier

4.00 USDmonthly

  • Customer Role
  • Premium Commands
  • Get feature on our hall of fame for customers page.
  • Unlimited Custom Commands
  • Unlimited Auto Responder
  • Unlimited Reaction Roles
  • More roles allowed for Reaction Roles
  • Unlimited binds
  • Customize bot avatar and nickname. Visible in messages only
  • Automatically update member roles and nicknames when they chat
  • Verify All Members with 1-second delay per member
  • Group Lock for multiple groups
  • Unlimited Blacklisted Groups
  • Relay Group Shouts to a Discord Channel
  • Relay Group Audit Logs to a Discord Channel
  • Member Counter (Roblox)
  • Member Join Notifications (Roblox)