Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions and answers

How to use RBXBolt?

Head over to the management server page and click on the server that you want to manage.

What is the invite link?

Here's the discord invite link.

What kind of plans do we offer in RBXBolt?

We provide a free and paid service. For paid service, click on the link to visit our Patron page. (2.50 USD/ month)

What are the supported payment methods?

We support only USD currently. The link is below.

Who founded RBXBolt?

Sicken_L#8429 (Developer, Management and Customer Support) and GamerWei#3954 (Business, Management and Customer Support)

Who created RBXBolt?

Sicken_L#8429 created RBXBolt.

How do I get my server listed in the server listing?

Head on to the settings page of your server and set an invite link for your server.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, there is a free plan.

What is the programming language used in RBXBolt?

We program the bot using Node.JS.

Why RBXBolt went offline sometimes?

Sometimes we do maintenance to the server to add some new features, fix some issues or optimize the performance.

What do I do if RBXBolt is not responding to commands?

Check if RBXBolt has the Read Messages and Send Messages permissions, as well as Embed Links in the channel. Do @RBXBolt prefix to see if you are using the correct prefix.

Who is the administrator for RBXBolt?

Administrator is for the user with Manage Server or Administrator permission.

How do I set up RBXBolt?

Use the !setup command and follow the instructions.

I can't see my servers.

Make sure that you are logged in to the correct Discord account. Also, make sure that you have the Manage Server or Administrator permission

Why won't RBXBolt update roles?

Make sure that RBXBolt has the Manage Roles permission.

Where do I buy premium?

You can buy premium by being a Patreon on our Patreon page.

Why is the premium plan so cheap?

As some people may not use the group bot commands or they don't trust it, we have concluded that we won't add the additional cost in.

It says cookie is invalid

Make sure that the bot account cookie is valid so that it can do the command.

How do I bind a role?

To bind a role, use !bind and follow the prompt.

What is the maximum amount of binding roles?

The maximum amount of binding for one server is 15 (Normal plan) and Unlimited (Premium plan)