Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RBXBolt?

RBXBolt is a versatile Discord bot equipped with numerous features, including a Web Dashboard, Utility tools, Miscellaneous functions, a Music System, Fun commands, Information resources, and Roblox verification capabilities that empower your server members to verify their Roblox accounts within your Discord community.

How to use RBXBolt?

To harness the power of RBXBolt, navigate to the server management page and select the server you wish to administer.

What is the invite link for RBXBolt support server?

You can join the RBXBolt support server on Discord by clicking this invitation link:

How do I access the web dashboard?

To access the web dashboard, simply log in with your Discord account through this link:

Web Dashboard
I forgot the prefix.

To retrieve the prefix, just respond with '@RBXBolt' or '@RBXBolt prefix' (without quotes). Alternatively, you can check the

Set support ticket category.

To configure the ticket category, navigate to the Server tab on the web dashboard and update the 'Ticket Parent' option.

How do I access the online Roblox account verification?

To access online verification, log in with your Discord account using this link:

Online Verification
RBXBolt not updating roles.

Ensure that RBXBolt has a role with higher permissions than the user issuing the command. Additionally, RBXBolt needs the 'Manage Roles' permission.

How do I reset the prefix.

To reset the prefix, go to the server management page, select the desired server, and update the Prefix textbox with your preferred prefix.

Can the server have premium if a person in the server has premium?

Unfortunately, premium features are only accessible when the server owner has a premium subscription.

Do we have a Roblox group?

Yes, we do have a Roblox group. You can find it here:

How do I link/connect my ROBLOX group to RBXBolt?

To link your ROBLOX group to RBXBolt, visit the web dashboard and either edit the GroupId or use the '!setup' command to configure your server.

How do I link a ROBLOX account to RBXBolt?

To link your ROBLOX account to RBXBolt, follow these steps: 1. Use the 'verify' command to verify a new ROBLOX account if you're not already verified. 2. Use the 'switch user' command to switch to an account you've added with the 'add account' command.

What kind of plans do we offer in RBXBolt?

We provide both free and paid services. For our paid service, you can find more info at this link:

Who founded RBXBolt?

RBXBolt was founded by Sicken_L (@sickenl) (Developer, Management, and Customer Support) and GamerWei (@gamerwei) (Business, Management, and Customer Support).

Who created RBXBolt?

RBXBolt was created by Sicken_L (@sickenl).

How do I get my server listed in the server listing?

To list your server, go to the settings page of your server and set an invite link for your server.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, a free plan is available.

Why RBXBolt went offline sometimes?

Occasionally, RBXBolt goes offline for server maintenance, which includes adding new features, fixing issues, or optimizing performance.

What do I do if RBXBolt is not responding to commands?

If RBXBolt isn't responding, please check if it has the 'Read Messages' and 'Send Messages' permissions, as well as 'Embed Links' in the channel. Also, verify you're using the correct prefix by typing '@RBXBolt prefix'.

Who is the administrator for RBXBolt?

The administrator for RBXBolt is the user with 'Manage Server' or 'Administrator' permissions.

How do I set up RBXBolt?

To set up RBXBolt, use the '!setup' command and follow the instructions. For additional settings, visit the web dashboard at

Web Dashboard
I can't see my servers.

Ensure that you are logged in with the correct Discord account and have the 'Manage Server' or 'Administrator' permission to view your servers.

Why won't RBXBolt update roles?

Make sure RBXBolt has the 'Manage Roles' permission to successfully update roles.

Verify Logs isn't working! It isn't showing up.

Ensure that the verify log is enabled and set to a specific channel on the Web Dashboard. Check that the bot has permission to send messages in that channel.

How do Verify Logs work?

When a user successfully verifies with the bot, a message will be sent to the channel specified in the Web Dashboard for verifying logs.

Where do I buy premium?

You can purchase premium by going to our website

Why is the premium plan so affordable?

We aim to make the premium plan accessible to everyone, but due to taxes and PayPal fees, we can't further reduce the price.

It says cookie is invalid

Ensure that the bot account's cookie is valid for it to execute the command. To configure the cookie, go to the Web Dashboard and select the Group Bot tab.